How Does Repour Work?

Oxygen Absorption Is the Best Way to Preserve Wine. By Leaps and Bounds.

How Does Repour Work So Well?

The science behind Repour is simple. By putting our oxygen-absorbing material in the Repour stopper, we are able to continuously remove the oxygen from the air above the wine in the bottle, and from the wine itself, bringing the level of oxygen in the air down below 0.05% and the dissolved oxygen in the wine to less than 0.03 ppm (that’s pretty much removing ALL the oxygen)!  By removing all the oxygen, we completely STOP the wine degradation process.  Other wine preservation products, such as wine pumps and wine vacuum pumps, use air displacement, which reduces the oxygen, but doesn’t eliminate it.  That is why these other products only keep your wine fresh for a few more days.  With Repour, the next time you want to enjoy your wine, whether it is days, week, or even months later, it will be so fresh you may even want to let it “open up” again. We say cheers again and again to that!

Instead of throwing out a bottle of wine that has gone bad, or messing with complex, expensive, and not so effective contraptions, simply insert the wine “stopper” in place of the bottle’s original cork, and preserve the wine for the life of the opened bottle. Your favorite wine, simply saved and perfectly preserved. 

Simple Steps to Fresher Wine with Repour

  • Repour keeps one bottle of wine fresh until the last glass. Each stopper is designed to save a full bottle of wine, even take glass by glass over days, weeks or months. If used on a second bottle, Repour may lose its oxygen-absorbing capacity before you are done with the bottle. So start with a new Repour stopper with each new bottle.
  • Repour works so well, your wine may need to “open up” again when you return to enjoy another glass.
  • Keep Repour in the bottle when not pouring wine. Extended exposure to air outside of the bottle will lessen its ability to preserve wine.
  • Do not store your wine bottle on its side when using. If wine gets into the Repour stopper it will lose its effectiveness.

What is the Science Behind Repour?

When we go to the grocery store and purchase “fresh” food, much of it uses the same oxygen-absorbing technologies we use in Repour. In fact, the National Institute of Health has even published a nice concise summary of how widespread the industry is.

How Do We Know It Really Works?  Tom’s a Scientist, so He’s All About the Data.

We know we aren’t the first to try to solve the problem of wine going bad, and we’ve been victim to false claims too, so we understand if you’re skeptical. Tom’s a scientist, however, so we’ve taken a very rigorous approach to testing Repour and we encourage all (skeptical) wine lovers to read about our methods and results:

We began by implementing analytical testing of our proprietary oxygen absorption chemistry using standard sensors in our own lab.  The results?  Wine saving success!

After Repour passed this initial testing, we then engaged Luther College and Dr. Jack Hedstrom, who conducted robust external 3rd party analytical testing.  Dr. Hedstrom’s lab results validated our product claims.

The testing confirmed that wine sealed with the Repour Wine Saver measured dissolved oxygen in the wine to “below the detection limit” of the instrumentation used, which is less than 0.03 ppm dissolved oxygen! In layman’s terms this means that Repour does such a good job of removing oxygen that even stringent analytical testing cannot detect any oxygen in the wine. We say cheers, again and again, to that!

In addition, we’ve had hundreds of wine experts (sommeliers, vineyard owners, wine distributors, specialty shop wine owners, restaurateurs) and wine enthusiasts put Repour through their own stringent testing to validate our claims.  Again, success.

We’ve also conducted blind taste tests on wine that had been saved via Repour, Vacuum Stopped, no stopper and “freshly opened” bottles. All of these tests and external validations have confirmed our internal reviews. Jeff Quint, Owner of Cedar Ridge Vineyards, has been one of our external expert testers and his confidence in the science and his own testing is the only reason we were able to obtain his testimonial for our Kickstarter Video.

We’re confident you’ll be pleased. Again and again.